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In 2016, organizations on average made 6% of their revenues digitally; by 2021 a whopping 60% of the revenues will be from digital services and products. The adoption of mobile, pervasive networks and the emerging fields of IoT and AI are having a deep impact on society. The expectations & behaviours of customers, suppliers, partners & employees have propelled organisations to embrace speed, agility, automation across the length & breadth of their business lines through Digital Transformation (DT). The leading businesses in every sector, have leveraged DT, bringing in new services & products while drastically reducing costs; while innovative startups have disrupted well established markets. Digital Transformation is not just happening, it has become a covenant & is accelerating rapidly. We can help you get there.

The Digital Transformation Landscape

Triggers - Adoption - Expectations - Impact

Selected Digital Transformation Work

Services Transformation: We have helped our clients transform service delivery models from brick & mortar to Omni-Channel

Enterprise Transformation: Transforming decades old enterprise infrastructures & processes to state-of-art location linked system

Disruptive Transformation: Creating disruptive models for revenue generation

Our Digital Transformation Methodology

We believe that the key to effective DT are employees & partners and building competencies across the organization. DT is a long-term and continous process from recongnizing changes in customer behaviours, partners and competitors; realising the impact of emergent technologies like IoT & AI; generating quick revenue streams from new digital & co-digital services; automating process and data and importantly quick wins. DT requires a holistic optimisation approach, while avoiding major pitfalls.

Stakeholder Centeric - Optimized - Longterm - Responsive - Phased Approach

Our DT experience spans the transformation value chain

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