Experts in Consulting, Architecting, Designing, Procuring and Managing complex Information Technology driven projects

We are a technology-strategy advisory, consulting & solutioning firm led by people who bring years of on-ground experience & expertise in strategizing, designing, developing and implementing many well-know Information Technology enabled projects. We have been trusted partners to our clients and our competencies and skill in the technologies enable us to bring experience, clarity, efficiency and knowledge gained through hands-on work. Welcome! and let us know how we can support and partner with you.

Consulting ServicesArchitecuture, Analytics & more

Our consulting services support our clients from concept through implementation. Our end-to-end consulting services include -

Project conceptualization, Technology Assessments, BPR, Enterprise Architectures, Solution Design, Analytics and implementation management.

Our key USP is executing these activities for large Information Technology driven organisations impacting millions of users, geographically distributed & high volume systems, sparse network and data-heavy environments. For more details, please visit our consulting section.

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ProductsData & Service

Our niche set of customizable products (currently in development) provide an edge when you need to move fast and quickly design, procure and deploy your IT enabled projects. We are continously lauching new or revised version of our products, thus check back with us.

Our products work on mobile, desktop and in areas with low connectivity.

We also follow a productized approach to our consulting work enabling our clients to efficiently move from concept to design, procurement, setup, commissioning and early implementation and iteration.

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TrainingIT Strategy, EA, PM, e-Goverance...

Our training programs leverage our consulting experience. We have provided training to senior level officials & Service providers. The technology specific trainings are geared towards experienced professionals entering new domain.
Our Enterprise Architecture training provides a very comprehensive, hands-on understanding with real examples

Our Program Management training covers - performing IT Assessments, Project Design and DPR, Costing, Funding, Procurement Processes and Implementation Management of IT projects.

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Our Work: Selected Projects

Public Transport


Over 70 locations, 100+ databases, 20+ applications, mission-critical operations and strong private sector competition, how do you quickly align, plan and scale your operations for the future ?


Based on our extensive study we recommended consolidation, upgradation of core 70+ systems in 2 steps to minimize risks. Standardize core - business functions, processes, applications & DBs. Remove redundancy, duplication, errors. Stepped integration of non-core systems keeping transaction processing systems independent.

Municipal Corporation


48 Departments, 110 Services - citizen services, planning, estates, taxation, environment etc. operating under regulatory frameworks, dated apps & minimal geo-tagging; what can be done to optimize resources and costs across the board ?

Separation of Concerns->GIS Recommendations->Mapping->ERP Integration

Separate the concerns - service delivery, operational management, decision support and informatics. Improve service delivery in parallel with GIS upgradation, data layer addition and ERP functional integration.

HR Dev. Institute


An intensive 3-day training to senior level functionaries of a large State HRDI to enable digital transformations in their own domains.

Starting from understanding the project development life-cycle,


...visioning , stakeholders, problems, current and future states, understanding key technology components of a large scale project, implementation models, business models, vendor strategy, COTs, IPR, risk evalution ending in a design of their own project, cost and creating a detailed project report.


Public Transport


Carrying over 2.8 million people and over 2.4 million kms. daily, this public transport organisation wanted an online & mobile public service delivery solution which is always-on, speedy and transparent.

Anytime, Anywhere Services

The anytime anywhere service delivery solution allows for online booking, seat selection, ticketing, sms integration, franchisee and end-user access through web and mobile. Capable of handling over 40,000+ transactions/ hour with high-availability, speed of access and convenience.



In a country like India, address is complicated - with ill-defined road names, numbers, formats, unnamed roads, mutliple access to house where often the objective is to identify the exact location in a GPS map.

Geo-Coded, Geo-Tagged Addressing

An integrated hierarchical addressing system using well-understood algorithms to uniquely identify any location geo-coded, variable, representational, linkable to estates and other databases for post-processing.

Smart City


The need to efficiently manage a city with increasing change & economies of scale in technology landscape creates an ideal environment where technology is used for efficient management.

Smart City Security Framework

A Smart City also provides a High-Value target with a large attack surface and multiple causes of vulnerability. A inclusive framework involving end-to-end security, standardization, governance along with trust based technology solutions, encryption, detection & prevention is necessary.


Domains & Verticals

We provide our services in multiple verticals and some of our work such as Service Delivery, Analytics, Enterprise Architecture, IoT cut across multiple domains. Specific details can be found in our individual services sections.

Our Team

Our team is our strongest value proposition. They are the go-to experts in their fields with the experience, education and skill that comes from seasoned problem solving and continously delivering solutions to high-profile projects.

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