Consulting Services: Our range of Consulting Services from Internet of People to Internet of Things and Decision Sciences

ICT, Enterprise Architecture, e-Gov

An impact on 600 million to over 1 billion people! We believe that ICT should provide direct, measurable benefit to haves, have-nots and marginal people of the society through delivery services, benefits and enabling inclusive growth. We are experts in Enterprise Archiecture, Service Delivery in e-Governance & ICT space.. We have been there, built it and seen the impact across states and nations and we were not alone but supported by our clients with officers and personnel of exemplary capabilities. Our EA & ICT consulting services are designed to provide end-to-end support to you throughout the project life-cycle.

EA, ICT & E-GovEnd-to-End Consulting

Our services include AS-IS Assessment, Stakeholder & Service evaluations, Delivery Channels, Geographical spread, Processes, Infrastructure, Design, SOPs and Architecture.

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Procurement Support

Procurement planning, DPR, Costing, Funding options, Transaction Models, RFPs.

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Project ManagementVendor & Implementation

Bid evaluation support & contract management. Vendor onboarding and Implementation management.

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Internet of Things

Technology has transformed industries, but mostly where it is used for service delivery. While we have built and seen the transformation of internet enabled services to people, the core industries of transport, power, healthcare, water, city life have been little impacted by IT. The change is coming to industries! After our ICT work, IoT is our natural progression. A user may do a couple of transactions online a day; their smart phone which has at least 10 sensor is continuously sending data to the cloud. IoT, beyond the hype, can effectualise transformation change in foundations of economy & living. This digital transformation is where we are and which we enable our clients to embrace.

IoTThe Internet of Things

Our IoT services rely on our core technical capabilities. We understand the IoT stack, know the market and services and can support your organisation in this adoption.

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Digital Transformation

Going beyond the era of ERPs and applications, we enable our client to become a digitally aware organisation.

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Smart CitiesMeaningful effective solutions.

Our Smart Cities consulting team's objective is go beyond the hype and define solutions for you which are meaningfully smart.

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Decision Science & Machine Learning

As the networks are going stronger & computational processing power is increasing along with the high frequecy IoT data, the art of making predictions & decisions must move from humans to machines. While still a rapidly evolving area machine, learning and decision science are key components. Our consulting focuses in generating exploratory models, implement the code for decision making and help our clients migrate to a production environment.


Data assesssment, evaluation, classification, stakeholder & objective assessment, data maps and pre-processing.

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Machine Learning

Designing & implementing the system for data evaluation and training of AI systems.

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Decision SciencesMaking meaningful decisions

Enable your organisation to assess, evaluate and derive meaningful decisions from data.

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