Enterprise & Solution Architecture: Scaling your vision to well-defined, componentised, structured architecture and re-usable implementation.

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Defining Flexible, Scalable Architectures that Adapt

Our Certified Architects work with you to define, prioritize and create measurement criteria for your project's vision; assess your current IT systems & contractual obligations; rapidly define an Architectural Strategy followed by Information Systems strategy, applications, data, infrastructures; provide cost-benefit analysis, funding options and the business/ transactional model (including PPP models).

We follow through with creating the documentation and support in procurement and contract management where required. Our experience gives us the confidence to ensure you receive a scalable, manageable, expandable, cost effective and practically implementable solution for your Data Center or Cloud

Best-in-class TOGAF & SOA Standards adapted to your Organisation

Business Vision - Information Systems - Application - Data - Infra - Financial Model - Architecture - Implementation

Selected Architecture Work

Delivery architecture:

From central authenticated database to 2 million remotely distributed customers with authentication, processing and payment

Legacy Re-design:

Integrating over 100 locations, applications, DBs to single unified operational support system for an organisation with million+ customers/ day

Transaction Processing:

Cloud based system capable of processing over 40,000 transactions per hour.

Planning a transition to Open Source ?

Worried about impact, cost, development, implementation management ? We can help.

Our architect's motto:

Simple | Light | Scalable | Integrable | TCO effective

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The cost of running a legacy system is 4-8 times of per year capital cost. Talk to us on how your cost can be reduced significantly.