Internet of Things & Smart Cities: Leveraging the power of devices & networks to deliver precision intelligence for your organisation

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Conceptualising & Designing IoT systems that deliver continous value

We design IoT systems that effectively use the power of an ever expanding network, sourcing continous automated data that can be used to make decisions, refine strategies, monitor & control systems for better performance.

Our consulting team rapidly reviews your current infrastructure, data sources & sinks, MIS & application capabilities, informational requirements, and designs an IoT strategy and solution that enhances your decision making capability. Our support services of decision sciences and AI enabled automated learning and provide decisive feedback systems.

360 degree IoT Architecture Stack

Source - Network - Store - Analyse - Feedback & MIS

Selected IoT work:


Integration of multiple transport IoT system to a unified singular view


Content, Learning and Delivery monitoring IoT system

Integrated Sensor Management:

Sensor allocation, identification, power management, data recording.

Our Smart City Solutions - Practical | Core | Effective | Multi-provider

We believe that SmartCity solutions need to designed to be impactful, accurate and responsive. Our SmartCity expertise leverages our IoT experience to create a range of solutions.

GIS Integrated - Distributed - Sensor / Stream Driven - Socially Intelligent Solutions